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Prince Chess is a chess variant played on an 8x10 board in which two additional pieces called Princes (as well as their corresponding pawns} are added on each side. There are two ways to win; 1) Checkmate your opponent, or 2) Promote your Prince. 

There are zillions more permutations than ordinary chess.  Because of the additional pieces and wider battlefield, players can fight on two fronts - simultaneously attacking the opponent's king while trying to promote their Prince, This makes for a more exciting game than chess, where opening moves have been analyzed to death and countermoves are predictable and almost automatically made. Everything is new and fresh, opening the way for new theories and strategies on opening, mid, and endgames. In the default setting, the Prince moves just like the King, but other variants are possible. Check them out in the drop down Variants menu.

Buy now! Php55 is small price to pay for a whole new perspective on chess, Upon payment, you'll be given a zip file from which you can download the game to your PC. Here's some video grabs taken from my laptop. Enjoy!!!